Hey shorty, it’s your birfday.

I love birthdays!

Mine, my kids, people I love, friends, even acquaintances. There is something about birthdays that excite me.

Maybe because for me, it is the ultimate representation of the celebration of life.

Of birth.

Of how we all became.

That in some moment in time, in the vastness of the universe, in the complexity of dimensions, a small micro being was created and it became me, you, us.

Or maybe because I just like cake.

I just can’t pass up not making a big deal out of someone’s birthday. Even if I just met you. That would probably be the first question in my head to ask when I meet someone new.

Damian's cake
My one and only attempt at making a birthday cake for my youngest. Tasted great. Looks the part for a Halloween themed bash. He loved it. That is all that matters.

Not to be a creeper, but when is your birthday? Ohhh, you were born in April? You’re an Aries? What is your Chinese Zodiac Sign? Oh the pig? Well, you know what they say, pigs are fed well in preparation to be butchered up later. What time were you born? In the night? You must be pretty chill. A chill Aries pig.

This is me playing out my Fortune Teller fantasies.

But there is also something about birthdays that make us look into ourselves. How far we have come, become and what we still want to be.

I was saying last year, like a know-it-all sage, that we are different people in every decade of our lives. But I think, we are different in every year of it. I tend to measure myself in whole numbers –5 years, 10 years– because I am obsessive-compulsive like that, but I don’t ever feel like I am the same person every year.

I have been a happy person, a confused teenager, a functional depressive, a hopeful single mother, a only-existing-in-this-life single mother in the last 5 years. Always a different flavor of the year, mind you.

What stays the same is that I get inspired to change, to be someone else, when my birthday comes close. And the entering into the late 30’s category is not any different.

What could be different this time is that I am more purposeful on the changes I want to do. I am more forgiving on the time frame–I am looking into a 5 year change plan instead of 1. I have a clearer idea of who the future me looks like. I am more action-oriented this time around–actually having  a step process of how to get there. And I have thought of ways to measure it.

I even took it a step further by identifying possible setbacks and finding ways to manage them so I don’t get demotivated when the road gets windy or becomes a totally different path.

Wow! Talk about adulting.

Ok, let me celebrate all these growing mindset with a dance party to a Mariah Carey classic.

Seriously, I am so pumped!

There is something so symbolic about blowing out the candles on your cake, closing your eyes, making a wish and opening them looking straight-forward into what is in front of you, standing up straight and taking all the love in the room as your gaze travels to every smiling face who came to celebrate you.

I don’t think our existence is happenstance.

The whole life creation process is quite magical and miraculous.

And out of all the gazillion probabilities, life was given to you.

Don’t you think, that that in itself is a reason to celebrate?

And that is why birthdays are my thing.

Plus I can’t say no to a good cake.

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